About Me

meWhere do I start?… I’m Sabrina a Colorado native. I love it here! People from other states may disagree, but my fellow Coloradans will agree that we have the perfect weather. Wait 20 minutes and it will change, right? Plenty of landscape to knock your socks off and if you want a change of scenery drive to the mountains or to the plains.  Although the foothills call to me I am on a new adventure in the high plains.
I’ve always been intrigued by photography, even before I realized it. Snapping away with my cardboard disposable camera as a child I formed an early appreciation. I have buckets of photos documenting almost every year.
In my early twenties my career path formed heading me toward Web Design, but even then I always went to visit the photography dept of the Art Institute to check the fresh ideas from the students. Still, I kept straight onto Computer Animation and Design. It’s been 15 years and my path has brought me back to photography…full circle. I’ve learned all the design and photo manipulation skills from Web Dev to further fuel my photo passion.
So here I am ready to embrace it and share those special moments that only a photo can preserve.