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Printable Watercolor Scratch off Valentines DIY

Valentine’s Day came up and this year the kids were old enough to be excited about it. They helped come up with these homemade ideas and drew a few too. If you’re in a hurry and just looking to print, the printable designs are below. If you are in the mood to DIY and make […]

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Vintage Sunset Effect

      I never miss a sunset on the plains. They are extraordinary compared to other parts of Colorado. Perhaps it’s from the lack of moutains, you see more sky.  Here is a collection free to use at your disposal of cool sunset effects. I have removed the ground so feel free to insert them where […]

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Adobe RAW presets

Every year I learn a new photo trick or two that propels me forward towards being a better photographer. There was one cool trick that is trending right now. It’s matte photos. The photo appears to have a low contrast and soft appeal to it. I don’t use Light Room. I know it streamlines the […]

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Homemade Bug Spray

Make your own Natural Type Bug Spray. The bugs are here. In Colorado, on the Eastern plains this year is unbearable. With all the flooding and standing water it’s impossible to get away from the gnats and mosquitoes.

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Summer Walnut Foot Pumice Soap

Ever try to create some interesting soap? It’s easy, especially the Melt and Pour type. Unlike Cold Pressed Soap, Melt and Pour takes out all the calculating, the possible dangers of Lye and the curing time of making soap from scratch. It’s a good first step when getting into soap making.

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Cold Weather Therapy

What to do when it starts getting cold? Make soups, stews and chili. Rent movies and… KNIT!  After weeks of trial and error, I found 3 totally cute headband tutorials. I’ve been knitting forever and each year I try to step it up. I started with blankets, scarfs and knitted handbags (really easy).

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Day 30 : DIY Kids Face Painting!

Here we are! Day 30! I did it! Personal goal achieved. Now that my house is filled with art, knickknacks and 30 days of creations, I’ve learned a lot about the DIY world out there. It’s vast and grows everyday.

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Day 29 : Nature Prints on Wood

Day 29 on this fine fall day. No longer 30 Days of DIY summer. Oh well. It was 90 degrees though today. Amazingly, it never really topped 95 for a consecutive week all summer. So, it’s hotter now than most of the summer. That’s Colorado. For today, since it’s nice out I figured I would […]

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Day 28 : Luminaries

Luminaries. What fun. I would love to line the house with these. I would need stocks of candles. This is perfect for that delicate home touch outside for your special event. With proper safety it would be nice hanging as a centerpiece in a banquet or even sitting on tables. It’s a rustic and personal […]

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Day 27 : Halloween Box Costumes

It’s getting close to my favorite time of year. Time to think of a cool cheap costume for the kids. So, you say, what kind of cheap-o costume can you make with a box? Let me tell you, my son’s favorite costumes were basically free and made of boxes.

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Day 26 : Multiplicity Photo

If you do art or take photos then I’m sure you’ve seen this trick by now, but if not… multiplicity is amazing. You have to try it. It’s so simple and the tutorial is very clear and concise.

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Day 25 : Bath or Toilet Bombs

Remember how vinegar reacts to baking soda? Well, here is a similar one. Baking soda and citric acid (similar to vinegar but in a dry form). So that when it gets wet, poof it fizzes up. I can’t scientifically say whether it is actual deodorizing to a toilet (as toilet bombs), since the baking soda […]

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Day 24 : Clothespin Frame

This is an interesting way of displaying pictures or other things. It took about 10 minutes to set up. I’ve seen it done with a cardboard circle too, but I thought of a more stable wood version when I saw an old needlepoint frame I had no need for.

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Day 23 : Clothespin Magnets

Woohoo! Day 23 of finding the best DIY out there and trying it out for myself. Technically, I should have been done on the first but alas still 7 days to go. This one is really cute because of it’s double function (clothespin and magnet)!    

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Day 22 : Clothespin Jewelry

When I looked up clothespin DIY I was surprised to find TONS of cool fun things to do with the actual clothespins and the pieces. Here is what you can do with the spring.

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Day 21 : Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs

Cut your own bangs! Yes! Everyone has experimented at some point. So here are some pointers. There is a general consensus among people of a certain way to obtain those side swept beauties.

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Day 20 : DIY Lip Balm

DIY Minty Lip Balm! This is my favorite! Mainly because I LOVE mint flavor and it takes minutes to make. Trial and error will get you your perfect recipe, but this is rather easy.

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Day 19 : Laundry Art

I’m not sure how I happened upon this DIY. I think it was on Pinterest. Anyway, I made my own version. This includes a printable that you can print an 8×10 and frame.

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Day 18 : Chihuahua Sweater

I‘ve been slacking big time. This blog challenge I made up was more of a personal commitment then I anticipated. Plus, it was a True Blood finale weekend last week. Sad, sad… that one of my favorite series is over. I’m still moping.

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Day 17 : Cute Cushions – No Sew

Today’s post takes a bit of money and a trip to a fabric store or your local Walmart.  I found tons of cute modern patterns at mine! The hard part was not getting too pattern crazy. Take your old drabby accent pillows and transform them for a fresh new look!  

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Day 16 : DIY Cleaner

Day 16 on the 30 days of DIY Reviews. I live on a dirty farm as I’ve specified before and the seats in my car are atrocious. People trail dirt and tractor grease every time they get in. I’ve tried to take straight up laundry detergent and a bucket of water and scrub the crap […]

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Day 15 : Wire Bead Ring

I will continue with my wire jewelry posts since they’re so easy and fun. You can make this wire bead ring in minutes by bending it by hand. Choose a bead in a birth stone color to make it more personal.

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Day 14 : DIY Air Freshener

Air freshener and carpet powder is not expensive but when you live on an old farm with more rotten smells than fresh ones, you go through a lot. I’ve always battled the cat area. It would be easier to not have cats but they keep it rodent free and I have a sentimental attachment. After […]

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Day 13 : Vintage Photo on Wood

Lucky 13! This one is sweet. Photo on Wood to look weathered and vintage. I plan on doing an all black & white collage on one wall with different sizes.

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Day 12 : Tin Can Candle Holder

Well, day 12 here. Almost half way through. It’s been fun but my slow connection is not. Scouring through my friends DIY posts on pinterest lead me to realize how many cool things there are out there. Virtually anything can be transformed into something trendy or vintage inspired.

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Day 11: Style Your Blog Heading

Day 11 on this thing! 30 Days of DIY, where I find the most interesting projects and try them out then blog about it. This DIY today is a little nontraditional. It’s not something you can technically do with your hands, but it’s a DIY all the same and I’m low on the cash flow […]

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Day 10 : Wire Wrapped Necklaces

If you’re new to making jewelry this is an excellent way to begin. Necklaces let you have complete creative freedom in choosing beads, wire, even type of chain. It’s probably the best introductory piece you can make. For under $15 you can pick up some wire, a bead string and chain. That being said…let’s start […]

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Day 9 : Luxurious Body Scrub

This is kind of my trade secret, but it’s so simple it would be hard to call a secret. Once you make it you’ll want to use it everyday. Luckily it’s cheap and you probably already have the ingredients.

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Day 8 : Sharpie Mugs

I am starting this one early since I haven’t kept my pledge very well on this blog commitment. So, to recap it’s taken me two weeks to get to day 8 (hehe) on my 30 days of finding the best DIY’s, trying them out and blogging about it. This one is all over the web. […]

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Day 7: Smoothies with Vegetables

During summer is the prime time to get tons of fruit. If you’re like me, you get some of everything and before you know it you have too much fruit and not enough time to eat it. Then you’re left with black bananas and over ripe peaches. Here’s what you can do with them.

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Day 6 : Playdoh

Slap boredom in the face with this DIY! Kids are always looking for something to do and this one is satisfying.  

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Day 5: Wire Bow Ring

I‘m back. I took an unexpected break for summer fun. It turns out it’s harder to post everyday than I anticipated. My slow country internet connection almost makes it painful. So, for the fifth day, I will share something so cute. Wire bow rings. These are so easy yet they make an impressive gift. I […]

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Day 4: Kids Watercolor Art

Hey Everyone! I thought it would be fun to turn my kid’s watercolors into wall art. Then I found this awesome tutorial to top it off. Not just regular watercolor but… BUBBLE WATERCOLORS! I’m so excited to try this one out!  

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Day 3: Bathroom Accents

Today, I will be looking into bathroom accents.  A cute bunch of flowers or decorative tree does wonders for even the smallest spaces.  I found bathroom bouquets to be similar to wedding center pieces so much that I used my sister’s leftover pieces to create a smaller version of her wedding tree in a vase. […]

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Day 2 : Cement Block Benches

The beauty of cement blocks. I never thought I’d say that. The architecture and a little color make for a cool Asian inspired bench. Up until I tried to make this cool easy bench I never paid attention to all the blocks around our yard. This project is something you can collect over time too. […]

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