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Printable Watercolor Scratch off Valentines DIY

Valentine’s Day came up and this year the kids were old enough to be excited about it. They helped come up with these homemade ideas and drew a few too. If you’re in a hurry and just looking to print, the printable designs are below. If you are in the mood to DIY and make […]

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Homemade Bug Spray

Make your own Natural Type Bug Spray. The bugs are here. In Colorado, on the Eastern plains this year is unbearable. With all the flooding and standing water it’s impossible to get away from the gnats and mosquitoes.

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Day 30 : DIY Kids Face Painting!

Here we are! Day 30! I did it! Personal goal achieved. Now that my house is filled with art, knickknacks and 30 days of creations, I’ve learned a lot about the DIY world out there. It’s vast and grows everyday.

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Day 27 : Halloween Box Costumes

It’s getting close to my favorite time of year. Time to think of a cool cheap costume for the kids. So, you say, what kind of cheap-o costume can you make with a box? Let me tell you, my son’s favorite costumes were basically free and made of boxes.

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Day 8 : Sharpie Mugs

I am starting this one early since I haven’t kept my pledge very well on this blog commitment. So, to recap it’s taken me two weeks to get to day 8 (hehe) on my 30 days of finding the best DIY’s, trying them out and blogging about it. This one is all over the web. […]

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Day 7: Smoothies with Vegetables

During summer is the prime time to get tons of fruit. If you’re like me, you get some of everything and before you know it you have too much fruit and not enough time to eat it. Then you’re left with black bananas and over ripe peaches. Here’s what you can do with them.

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Day 6 : Playdoh

Slap boredom in the face with this DIY! Kids are always looking for something to do and this one is satisfying.  

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Day 4: Kids Watercolor Art

Hey Everyone! I thought it would be fun to turn my kid’s watercolors into wall art. Then I found this awesome tutorial to top it off. Not just regular watercolor but… BUBBLE WATERCOLORS! I’m so excited to try this one out!  

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