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Day 22 : Clothespin Jewelry

When I looked up clothespin DIY I was surprised to find TONS of cool fun things to do with the actual clothespins and the pieces. Here is what you can do with the spring.

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Day 15 : Wire Bead Ring

I will continue with my wire jewelry posts since they’re so easy and fun. You can make this wire bead ring in minutes by bending it by hand. Choose a bead in a birth stone color to make it more personal.      

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Day 10 : Wire Wrapped Necklaces

If you’re new to making jewelry this is an excellent way to begin. Necklaces let you have complete creative freedom in choosing beads, wire, even type of chain. It’s probably the best introductory piece you can make. For under $15 you can pick up some wire, a bead string and chain. That being said…let’s start […]

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Day 5: Wire Bow Ring

I‘m back. I took an unexpected break for summer fun. It turns out it’s harder to post everyday than I anticipated. My slow country internet connection almost makes it painful. So, for the fifth day, I will share something so cute. Wire bow rings. These are so easy yet they make an impressive gift. I […]

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