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Homemade Bug Spray

Make your own Natural Type Bug Spray. The bugs are here. In Colorado, on the Eastern plains this year is unbearable. With all the flooding and standing water it’s impossible to get away from the gnats and mosquitoes.

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Day 30 : DIY Kids Face Painting!

Here we are! Day 30! I did it! Personal goal achieved. Now that my house is filled with art, knickknacks and 30 days of creations, I’ve learned a lot about the DIY world out there. It’s vast and grows everyday.

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Day 29 : Nature Prints on Wood

Day 29 on this fine fall day. No longer 30 Days of DIY summer. Oh well. It was 90 degrees though today. Amazingly, it never really topped 95 for a consecutive week all summer. So, it’s hotter now than most of the summer. That’s Colorado. For today, since it’s nice out I figured I would […]

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Day 28 : Luminaries

Luminaries. What fun. I would love to line the house with these. I would need stocks of candles. This is perfect for that delicate home touch outside for your special event. With proper safety it would be nice hanging as a centerpiece in a banquet or even sitting on tables. It’s a rustic and personal […]

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Day 2 : Cement Block Benches

The beauty of cement blocks. I never thought I’d say that. The architecture and a little color make for a cool Asian inspired bench. Up until I tried to make this cool easy bench I never paid attention to all the blocks around our yard. This project is something you can collect over time too. […]

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Day 1 : Stacked Clay Pots

This is sure to impress. You can find sources online everywhere for the stacked clay pots.    

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30 Days of DIY

Summer is in full-swing! Get the most out of it with some DIY! Everyone loves DIY — Saves money, is more natural for you and lets you appreciate the end product further! For the next 30 days I will find the best DIY projects online through different sources including our favorite…Pinterest. — So keep posted […]

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Preparing for a Photo Shoot (for client)

Hi! If you’ve stumbled upon this then you must have a photo shoot coming up! Yay! Photo shoots can be fun, sometimes a little intimidating but can also bring out your inner model. It all depends on how comfortable you are. That’s the key.

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