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Vintage Sunset Effect

vintage-sunsets      I never miss a sunset on the plains. They are extraordinary compared to other parts of Colorado. Perhaps it’s from the lack of moutains, you see more sky.  Here is a collection free to use at your disposal of cool sunset effects. I have removed the ground so feel free to insert them where ever. Good as a stand alone photo and also as a layer effect to create a soft vintage matte graphic.

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Adobe RAW presets

Every year I learn a new photo trick or two that propels me forward towards being a better photographer. There was one cool trick that is trending right now. It’s matte photos. The photo appears to have a low contrast and soft appeal to it. I don’t use Light Room. I know it streamlines the process, but I haven’t bit the bullet yet and purchased it since I still have Photoshop and all.  A similar process to Light Room’s presets are the Adobe camera RAW presets. I haven’t found anything wrong with using them for my purposes. If I was editing thousands of photos, perhaps Light Room would be better suited. Continue reading »

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Day 26 : Multiplicity Photo

multiplicity-webIf you do art or take photos then I’m sure you’ve seen this trick by now, but if not… multiplicity is amazing. You have to try it. It’s so simple and the tutorial is very clear and concise.

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Day 23 : Clothespin Magnets

diy-magnetsWoohoo! Day 23 of finding the best DIY out there and trying it out for myself. Technically, I should have been done on the first but alas still 7 days to go. This one is really cute because of it’s double function (clothespin and magnet)!



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Day 21 : Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs

bangs-titleCut your own bangs! Yes! Everyone has experimented at some point. So here are some pointers. There is a general consensus among people of a certain way to obtain those side swept beauties. Continue reading »

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Day 7: Smoothies with Vegetables

blendDuring summer is the prime time to get tons of fruit. If you’re like me, you get some of everything and before you know it you have too much fruit and not enough time to eat it. Then you’re left with black bananas and over ripe peaches. Here’s what you can do with them.

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30 Days of DIY

Summer is in full-swing! Get the most out of it with some DIY!
Everyone loves DIY — Saves money, is more natural for you and lets you appreciate the end product further!

For the next 30 days I will find the best DIY projects online through different sources including our favorite…Pinterest.

— So keep posted and let’s do this! —  SCROLL DOWN TO START LOOKING!

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Good Bokeh & Focus


Everyone wants that creamy Bokeh and a sharp subject. Bokeh is defined by how many aperture blades your lens has. The more blades, the more pleasing. This is something to look into and understand for better photos.

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Preparing for a Photo Shoot (for client)



If you’ve stumbled upon this then you must have a photo shoot coming up! Yay!

Photo shoots can be fun, sometimes a little intimidating but can also bring out your inner model. It all depends on how comfortable you are. That’s the key.
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