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headbands2What to do when it starts getting cold? Make soups, stews and chili. Rent movies and… KNIT!  After weeks of trial and error, I found 3 totally cute headband tutorials.
I’ve been knitting forever and each year I try to step it up. I started with blankets, scarfs and knitted handbags (really easy).

Advanced to mittens last year. This year, I’m into ear warmers, making stripes on everything (the carry up the side method) and boot slippers.



The 5 Strand Braid Ear Warmer

stranded(It was hard to find this pattern at first because I had no idea what it was called).  You can also make the 7 strand, 9 strand, etc… easily with the same pattern.

Visit this tutorial => Credit for this amazing find goes to: I love this pattern, it’s the 3rd one I found and tried. Primarily because it works. Other patterns I found had errors or they included a border that I didn’t want. It looks “haute-er” to have the natural braided trim. Find some nice silky yarn and start making Christmas gifts. You can knit this up in an evening or two.

Helpful Tips after trying this pattern several times:

I also found that having a paper and pen handy to write down what row you are on is very helpful. After my second headband I no longer needed the pattern. Up until then, if I was distracted for even a minute I forgot what row. Ahhh…. too much going on at once.  But, this is very easy and so pretty! I did mine with Thick and Quick yarn and size 9.  I found that my little size 9 needles made it too tight and not that comfy. Next time I’ll follow instructions and use size 13.


bowsThe Increase Ear Warmer Headband

This one is super pretty. The pattern I found was the second one that I came across and much better than the first.  I took the pattern and made my own changes to it so that you have a non-crochet border and an eyelet hole for the button instead of the crocheted strap. Also, instead of the flower I have done a knitted bow. Alas, I am not a crocheter. Both ways are beautiful and sturdy. It’s only a personal preference of mine to find the knitter’s way around crochet issues.

Here is the original unaltered pattern courtesy of a great site: ashlee marie. Visit for the pattern and photos.

Here is a different altered pattern for knitting only (no crochet parts). An  Ear Warmer with eyelet and bow instead of flower.

NEW updated pattern!

An alternate slightly different Increase Ear Warmer. This update make the eyelet look smoother and sturdier. It also makes a double decorative edge.

Helpful Tips after trying this pattern several times:

This tip is probably the dumbest knitting thing I’ve ever discovered (meaning I should have known this by now. I’ve only knitted for 10+ yrs). You should buy regular yarn and knit double-stranded (is that a word?). Grab the string on the top outside and the one from the side that’s tucked inside.  Together it will unravel nicely and make a double durable, warm and flexible thick knit. Duh. I must be the only knitter that just discovered that. Mostly because I’ve always geared towards the thick and quick stuff.

last but one of the fastest and easiest…

headbandThe Garter Stitch Ear Warmer with Tie

I would say this ear warmer is more for adults. It’s kind of 20’s vintage looking. I have no reference for this one. It was trial and error until I achieved the right size and pattern that works. This one can be knitted in 2 hours. So, if you need a fast cool gift that will be revered, go for this one first! Beware, everyone around will say, “I want one!”


Using size 9 needles cast on 17. Use regular yarn doubled.
knit every row til 18 inches. Should stretch to 20 – 21 inches to fit adult head. Join together.
Make a small rectangular piece to go around the joined up middle. secure it in place.


Helpful Tips after trying this pattern several times:

Due to the stretchiness of different yarns, make sure to wrap it around your head to measure as well as with an actual measuring tape. Also, I once made one that was way TOO wide by casting on 24 instead of 17 – 19 thinking it will be cool, but it is not. It will be too big by the ears and look stupid. Don’t do it. This one also looks good as a striped headband by using knit and purl (rib stitch) instead of garter stitch.

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