Day 10 : Wire Wrapped Necklaces

wire-wrappedIf you’re new to making jewelry this is an excellent way to begin. Necklaces let you have complete creative freedom in choosing beads, wire, even type of chain. It’s probably the best introductory piece you can make. For under $15 you can pick up some wire, a bead string and chain. That being said…let’s start with the basics.







Wire Types:

When you start out, it’s easy to purchase the wrong type of wire (gauge, hardness, color, etc) and then get discouraged. Generally, you want a silver (sterling) plated wire. If you are going pro and using pure sterling silver there are terms to familiarize yourself with.

Dead Soft, Half Round, Half Hard… etc. For example, Half Round is a sterling wire that is rounded on one side and flat on the other. This sounds cool for rings. You have the flat side turned in and the round side up. I once purchased a Half Round, Half Hard sterling wire and it was so hard to bend, it sprung back after being bent. If I had started with that I wouldn’t have gone any further. I don’t know what anyone would use that for, it was crazy hard and it wasn’t even a thick gauge.

To make it easy we will assume you are not using anything fancy, just using a silver plated regular wire like  Artistic Brand (found at Hobby Lobby). That’s my favorite. Below I used a fake silver wire from Walmart.


The larger the number the thinner the wire. They are only gauged in even numbers. 16,18,20 etc… In this tutorial I used 24. I would have preferred 20 or 22 but it was slim pickins’ at Walmart. 24 is a good learning wire. It’s too flexible to make a solid ring without wrapping four times but could be done.


Example of an earlier version I once made with 20 gauge wire. It’s fine to be a little messy, it’s part of the style.


So, to start…


Step 1 : Gather supplies.


Step 2: Choose a flat bead. This particular one is a flat painted shell. Stick the wire through it and use the round nose pliers to make an eyelet. This eyelet will hold the bead on the wire.


Step 3: Make a similar eyelet on the other side. Keep the wire long and twist it neatly around the eyelet to secure it. To see what I mean check the next photo.


Step 4: Where the arrow points is showing how its wound around the eyelet. Once you’ve gone around the eyelet a couple times, take it around the bead. Up and down, around. You can wind it around the bottom eyelet once if needed to secure while going around. But once you decide it’s done secure it either around the bottom or top. Cut any extra wire off.


Here is one style. With a loop and minimal wiring. Making loops usually looks best with 20 gauge.


Here is the random wire wrap and Bird’s Nest. For the random wrap you complete it by going up and down and around randomly then securing at the bottom. It’s best with the 24 gauge. Another idea is the Bird’s Nest. You can use birth stone color beads for the eggs. The full bird’s nest tutorial in great detail is found on Pinterest. You can see the link below in the Pinterest Inspiration section.

For Your Inspiration

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