Day 12 : Tin Can Candle Holder

candleWell, day 12 here. Almost half way through. It’s been fun but my slow connection is not. Scouring through my friends DIY posts on pinterest lead me to realize how many cool things there are out there. Virtually anything can be transformed into something trendy or vintage inspired.

Today’s is a candle holder I saw for sale on zuilly. This is just my interpretation of how to make one.




First off, check around for some tall pillar candles. You want to make sure they will fit in the cans. The basic while pillars at Walmart don’t fit into a small soup or can of tomatoes. The cans are too tiny.

I had to paint a can of Bushes Baked Beans (the aqua color can). The bean can is also too tall, so you have to put something in the can to raise the pillar up or op for the taller more expensive vanilla scented brand name pillar from Walmart. All the pillars on sale seemed to be the same girth just different heights.


What You Need:

  • A Pillar Candle
  • A tall wide Tin Can
  • paint | black and a brighter color (I used acyrlic)

This is terribly easy. Paint the entire can black first. Then paint it another color (brighter color). Go over it again very lightly and randomly with black.  Then flick with slightly watered down black to look like paint peels.

Originally I wanted to pile on the paint, then peel a layer off to expose the black underneath but every time I peeled, it peeled down to silver.  So, if anyone has suggestions on what they’ve used, let’s hear it. I have an idea that it would work better with wall paint or latex. I’ll try that on my third one. So, I had to op for splashes to get the rustic look instead of peeling. Regardless, they look interesting.

For Your Inspiration:

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