Day 15 : Wire Bead Ring

wire-ringI will continue with my wire jewelry posts since they’re so easy and fun. You can make this wire bead ring in minutes by bending it by hand. Choose a bead in a birth stone color to make it more personal.




What You Need:

  • Wire cutters.
  • Flat nose pliers to flatten the wire at the end so it isn’t sharp.
  • Small bead.
  • A dry erase marker the size of your finger (a ring size 7 to 8 is a good general size). A dry erase does 7’s and 8’s.
  • About 9 inches of 18 or 20 gauge wire. 20 will bend easier. Also, cheaper 18 gauge wire (wire that is not real silver) will also bend by hand easily.

The wire I used is 18 gauge colored craft wire, nothing special. Sorry about the ugly copper color.  It bent much easier than plated silver.

A picture says it all, so follow this illustration below to make yours.

– For number 7, go around a few times, then cut and tuck behind. Use the flat nose pliers to flatten it so there are no sharp edges on the wire you just cut.
– There is no picture of number 8, but you just do the same thing as number 7 on the opposite side.
I did this all bending by hand.

For Your Inspiration:

Once you’re comfortable just start twisting and let it flow! I came up with these by just playing around with the wire.


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