Day 16 : DIY Cleaner

diy-cleaningDay 16 on the 30 days of DIY Reviews.

I live on a dirty farm as I’ve specified before and the seats in my car are atrocious. People trail dirt and tractor grease every time they get in. I’ve tried to take straight up laundry detergent and a bucket of water and scrub the crap out of them.
This left them worse. Apparently there are oils in the soap that stay in the fibers and attract more dirt when it’s dried, unless it’s completely washed out and rung like clothes in the machine. So, accidentally I came upon this solution. After googling around I found it was a popular solution.




I was getting a stain out of the carpet and I like to use baking soda although it tends to lighten the color of the carpet a bit. (**Beware, if you try this test it first).

I thought, hmmm what would happen if I poured vinegar on it too.  Most people know this from science projects, but I don’t recall doing this myself. I poured it on and it had a chemical reaction. A volcano effect. The vinegar apparently borrows an atom from the baking soda and poof… they emit CO2 in the form of bubbles. The vinegar smell was instantly gone and I scrubbed away. The next day there was a clean spot and with hardly any lightening.

I’ve read mixed reviews on this, mostly good. Most people claim it’s a miracle cleaner and greener solution. While, I read one post that said after it mixes and is altered it’s basically just salt water you’re cleaning with. Aha, hence the vinegar smell disappearing instantly.

Whether it’s just salt water or not, it worked for me so I put it to the ultimate test of cleaning the car. I had the dirtiest arm rest on the planet and now…poof! It’s beautiful. Showcase worthy.  You may give it a try. Add a little lemon and I’ve heard it’s magical. Here’s some recipes I’ve pulled from Pinterest below. Have fun and stay clean.

What You Need:

Baking soda

White Vinegar

Lemon (optional)


Other Ways to Use Them:

Drain Cleaning  –  Here is: A post from crunchy betty and awesome recipes for drain opener using baking soda & vinegar

Kid’s Experiments

Oven Cleaning


For Your Inspiration



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