Day 18 : Chihuahua Sweater

chihuahua-sweater-knitI‘ve been slacking big time. This blog challenge I made up was more of a personal commitment then I anticipated. Plus, it was a True Blood finale weekend last week. Sad, sad… that one of my favorite series is over. I’m still moping.
More or less from the memories the series brought over the years of enjoying the season openers with my sister and her husband after waiting all day at work to watch it. You know it’s a bonding feeling that can’t be replaced. But to fill void I’ve started a new series Outlander. But it hurts. :'(

Alright…on to the tutorial, lol.



There’s a chill in the air and my little dog is starting to shake in the brisk mornings. So I’ve knitted her a sweater. It’s my first so be kind. I love it but she hates it. She tries to do the shake to get it off, like it’s water. So we limit her time in it to temperature drops only.  Most of the tuts that I found were with 3 needles. eek! I’m good but not that good.  I tried to make it as uncomplicated as possible.

Two identical pieces, sew them up the sides but leave an armhole open on each side.

I don’t follow patterns very willingly. I like them but to make a pattern myself is (not gonna happen)…. so this is as good as I get with patterns. But you can probably find a very detailed specific one in a Pinterest post below.  This is more of a general idea with notes.


Important Note:

There are two different patterns below. My first one (the blue) and a grey one (the better fitting option).
Although the blue is easier and more general, I would recommend following the second (grey) pattern for a better fit.



**This pattern kinda stinks. 🙂 Hey, it was my first but to make it better the neck should be longer and the arm holes bigger. They should be the width of the shoulder not the arms.

What You Need:

I used size 9 needles (my fav)
Baby soft yarn in two colors (for the stripes)
To set the gauge: 1 in = 5 stitches (knit)
knitting sewing needle, to sew it up
First piece, Start at the bottom, cast on 30. (Both pieces will be the same).


 — Note: See an updated instruction picture below for a better version. —



UPDATE: 09/14/14 –
Although my first sweater was cute. The seasons changed and the stores began to put out their sweaters. After analyzing them I saw my big mistakes.

First, the arm holes should be underneath the dog not on the side. Second, the neck was too short and too wide (it hangs). Third, the underside (stomach) is a bit big and when she runs her legs get caught in it. Looking at the picture right above you can see all these mistakes.
So, I’ve given it another try with much thicker quick yarn. This will be more of a really cold weather sweater.
The major difference is that I measured her neck, mid section and lower stomach to get an exact measurement. I don’t like to measure, so if I can do it so can you! It makes all the difference. Sounds dumb that I didn’t really measure the first time but I was just doing a general sweater. The new sweater hugs and is much more comfortable. The underside is shorter.
** If you change just one thing from my first posted instructions, it should be to change the arm holes to underneath. So don’t make two identical pieces. Follow below.
If I have thoroughly confused you…I’m sorry. Sometimes too much info is overwhelming. Look below at the real picture of the sweater to understand the drawing better. Good luck and keep your dogs warm!


For Your Inspiration:

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