Day 21 : Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs

bangs-titleCut your own bangs! Yes! Everyone has experimented at some point. So here are some pointers. There is a general consensus among people of a certain way to obtain those side swept beauties.
Either follow the general directions or check the pins below for some detailed techniques to make them look more jagged (side swept don’t look as nice straight across).


I like a long side swept bang that blends in well. Usually, I’ll cut it below my nose. Every once in a while I decide I want short side swept bangs. I see someone on a show that looks cute and I think I’ll look the same. It goes down the same way each time. I cut them and although they’re nice, I end up annoyed with them. 😉  Grow them out and repeat. It’s best to cut a little and feel it out, then go further if you feel comfortable. Hair is just an accessory and will grow back if your experiment goes bad.  So here is how you can get your very own bangs, without a professional, if you dare.

Please refer to the Pins below for more instruction and ideas. I’ve found some good ones.

What You Need:

Sharp scissors


Dry hair


For Your Inspiration


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