Day 22 : Clothespin Jewelry

clothespin-necklaceWhen I looked up clothespin DIY I was surprised to find TONS of cool fun things to do with the actual clothespins and the pieces. Here is what you can do with the spring.





This clever DIY that I will try and rate today comes from Pinterest. I own all my pictures from the craft I made. The credit for this tut goes to Originally I found this tutorial on which gave credit to

I don’t even know how people come up with this stuff. It’s simply amazing. So here I am to share this find.

What You Need:

Clothespins (Not the wood part, but the spring)

Chain (any type)


Flat nose Pliers (jewelry pliers)

Note: I used glass beads and broke quite a few. Caution, these things are kind of spring-loaded and shoot off. Perhaps it’s wise to use safety goggles. I noticed that the longer bigger hole beads were easier to work with. I need some practice to get these as nice and tight as in the tutorial.



Follow the pictures, it’s easy but hard to bend.

Once you open it up you need to bend the arms downward to get the bead on. In the second picture with the long blue bead you can see the bent left arm.

Probably wise to choose beads that are as wide as the width of the open spring. Too small and you have too much wire arm showing like mine. 😉  Overall, I’d rate this tut as excellent. It’s entertaining and original. A lot of DIY projects look better in photos than they actually are, but this one is a keeper.

After wearing my necklace only 3 hours it sprung itself free! Literally! A bead jumped off the necklace and flew across the room. So, don’t use glass/ceramic beads that break easily.

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