Day 27 : Halloween Box Costumes

box costume ideas : sabrinatortora.comIt’s getting close to my favorite time of year. Time to think of a cool cheap costume for the kids. So, you say, what kind of cheap-o costume can you make with a box? Let me tell you, my son’s favorite costumes were basically free and made of boxes.
Last year he was a John Deere tractor and this year he is Frank the Combine, from Cars. Yep, it’s always farm equipment.
Then with the new movie Box Trolls coming out soon, there’s another good idea.

The credit behind the Frank the Combine idea goes to  It is not an instructional page but has the best inspirational photos. Thanks to them my son has the exact obscure character costume he wanted! He was very adamant on being Frank.

What you need:

  • Boxes – acquired from stores in the morning. The Dollar Store had the best size variety since they get smaller quantities of products.
  • Spray paint (Since we live on a farm we happened to have the exact spray paint in the color of International tractors).
  • Suspenders (I couldn’t find any for a little guy, so I bought adult one’s and sewed them up)
  • Acrylic paints or poster paints (for the details)
  • Hot glue
    (For the tractor box I used brads at first to hold it together, thinking it would look like bolts). It did look like bolts and it was cool but it’s better put together first with glue then add brads for interest.

Map out or draw an idea then go to town building it.
I put the boxes together first then painted the whole piece.
This year’s model has some improvements including more details and a candy hatch so he won’t need to carry a bag.

Things to consider:

the weight.

We still need to find a cardboard roll for the cutter for the Frank costume, but at first I put this black plumbing pipe on the front side of Frank and it almost toppled him over.
It seems obvious (maybe to an engineer, but as an arTist everything is in bounds) to use lightweight things like painted straws and plastic water bottles. Just keep in mind that something you think is fine may throw if off balance.


Make it easy to climb stairs. Amazingly, you will discover a lot of stairs out there on Halloween night.


For Your Inspiration

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