Day 28 : Luminaries

luminaries : diyLuminaries. What fun. I would love to line the house with these. I would need stocks of candles. This is perfect for that delicate home touch outside for your special event. With proper safety it would be nice hanging as a centerpiece in a banquet or even sitting on tables. It’s a rustic and personal way to display a candle.

Be warned…your arm will be mad at you if you have to punch more than 5 of these.

What You Need

  • Tin Cans
  • A long nail (thicker if possible)
  • A hammer
  • Wire
  • Paint (optional). Black is pretty. Painting the inside white makes it brighter.
  • Candle in a holder or fake battery candle.

To begin, Get some regular old tin cans, the bigger the better. Clean them and peel the paper off. Fill with water and wait until it’s frozen. The ice will bulge out the bottom but don’t worry.

Take the frozen can and start punching holes in it with the hammer and nail. This should be fairly easy, except for the pain in your arm from hammering. Without the ice it is difficult and rolls about.

Punch two holes toward the top to hang a wire through.

Slide the ice out.

Bang the bottom back in place.

Paint it if you want and string the wire.

luminarie-finishedluminaries : diy : sabrinatortora.comlumiarie

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