Day 29 : Nature Prints on Wood

natural-wood-artDay 29 on this fine fall day. No longer 30 Days of DIY summer. Oh well. It was 90 degrees though today. Amazingly, it never really topped 95 for a consecutive week all summer. So, it’s hotter now than most of the summer. That’s Colorado. For today, since it’s nice out I figured I would brighten up the dull house. We have a huge blank wall screaming for attention.

I found some wood pieces. Two pairs that matched. The concept of stenciling with real leaves is simple but finding nice flat specimens is the hard part.

You Will Need:

    • Pieces of wood. Any type of size that you want.
      I used two 8in x 7in pieces and two 5in x 7in pieces.
    • Spray Paints (I used four contrasting colors for the foliage and one primary color (yellow).
      All in all, I used orange, red, green and blue for the foliage and yellow for all the top coats.
    • Spray adhesive
    • Black acrylic paint and paint brush for the sides
    • Mod Podge
    • Leaves

Pick some interesting and FLAT foliage.

Spray each piece of wood with a different (bright) color. Wait until it dries.

Spray the foliage with adhesive and stick it to the wood.

Spray over the foliage lightly with a lighter color (yellow). Cover the whole piece. Carefully pull the foliage off and discard.
This step may get messed up or the yellow paint may get under the leaves and look ugly. This is where simple gets frustrating. You may need to start over at step 2. I did. Several times until I got a semi-intricate design. The wood pieces that I re-did actually look better than the ones I got on the first try for some reason.

Once you’re satisfied with it and it’s dried, paint the sides black.

Protect it with Mod Podge. Give the top a layer to make it shine.


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