Day 4: Kids Watercolor Art

paintingHey Everyone! I thought it would be fun to turn my kid’s watercolors into wall art. Then I found this awesome tutorial to top it off. Not just regular watercolor but… BUBBLE WATERCOLORS! I’m so excited to try this one out!


Credit: This idea comes from (link below).

My kids love anything to do with painting, who doesn’t. So mixing another fav, bubbles into it was fabulous. It even got me excited when I saw the finished product photos on the tutorial site.





If you want to stick with just watercolors and no bubbles, have your kids do bands across the watercolor paper. Making an abstract sunset effect. It looks brilliant in a frame.


You would only need brushes, watercolor paper, watercolors (I use the liquid concentrated form of watercolors) and a frame.

With bubbles…

The original tutorial called for making a small version of bubble paint on paper and taking it in to the print shop to be enlarged for wall art.

Take a look at the full tutorial with photos


Dish soap


Paint (tempura, watercolor doesn’t work)


Drinking Straws

White Paper

and… some kids.

Have fun.


Series Disclaimer: In this DIY series, I will be finding the best or at the least, very interesting projects. I will try them out and blog about it. At times I will alter the project and make adjustments. I am not making any claims to be the owner or person or entity from which the DIY projects originate. If I cross a boundary of copyright it is unintentional and upon knowledge I will remove the conflicting post herein. Otherwise stated, I am the owner of the photos in my posts.

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