Day 5: Wire Bow Ring

wire-ringsI‘m back. I took an unexpected break for summer fun. It turns out it’s harder to post everyday than I anticipated. My slow country internet connection almost makes it painful. So, for the fifth day, I will share something so cute. Wire bow rings. These are so easy yet they make an impressive gift. I made my sister’s bridesmaids matching bracelets that came out beautifully.





Think this is cool but don’t want to do it? Get this Wire Bow Ring!
First person to comment below wins! Easy as that. No winner until there’s a comment!

You Will Need:


*Note on gauges: The bigger the number the thinner the wire. So a 24 gauge is too thin and bendable.  16 may be too durable and hard to bend.
















Step 1: Wrap about 8 inches of wire around a marker. My dry erase marker makes size 7 and 8 rings. I find almost everyone has one finger that’s 7 or 8.


Step 2: Take the right piece and make a loop with your fingers.


Step 3: Take the left side and do the same thing, but the loose end (straight end) needs to go behind everything through the center of the ring. Try to keep the shape intact. This is the hardest part because it starts bending.


Step 4

Step 4: Fold that part that you just put through the center of the ring up and over to hold it all together.


Step 5: Grab some pliers and pull it through tight.


Pulled tight


Final Step: Cut the extra off and use the round nose pliers to curve the ends. Make sure the curve’s closed so it doesn’t snag clothing.


Think this is cool but don’t want to do it, Get this one!
First person to comment below wins! Easy as that. No winner until there’s a comment!


Disclaimer: In this DIY series, I will be finding the best or at the least, very interesting projects. I will try them out and blog about it. At times I will alter the project and make adjustments. I am not making any claims to be the owner or person or entity from which the DIY projects originate. If I cross a boundary of copyright it is unintentional and upon knowledge I will remove the conflicting post herein. Otherwise stated, I am the owner of the photos in my posts.

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