Printable Watercolor Scratch off Valentines DIY

Valentine’s Day came up and this year the kids were old enough to be excited about it. They helped come up with these homemade ideas and drew a few too.

If you’re in a hurry and just looking to print, the printable designs are below. If you are in the mood to DIY and make your own designs, this is how we did it!

Not only are these printable homemade valentines cool because they are done with watercolor, we also added some extra touches. Some are smelly! Yes, smelly. With essential oils and embossing paste you can make some scratch and sniff type valentines. If that’s not your cup of tea, instead, you can make a secret message that scratches off using clear tape, dish soap and paint.


#1 – Think of your sayings!

First off, we thought of our own sayings or you can google clever Valentine sayings. Almost every treat given out can go with a saying. For example, you can give out Pop Rocks with a card that says: “Valentine, You Rock!” Easy as that!

SUPPLY LIST: Dish soap, paintbrushes, embossing paste, clear packing tape, watercolors, artist pen, thick paper & essential oil (peppermint).


#2 – Draw, Draw, Draw!

Next make some cute drawings. – Skip below if you want to print out the ready made designs- 
After drawing with pencil, outline the drawings with a waterproof black fine artist pen and then paint them with watercolor. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop to multiply your designs, then you will have to either photocopy them to duplicate it or draw multiples.  Drawing multiples will be tedious but very personal. **If you are drawing them all individually, you probably want to cut all the paper into squares first.

The key to drawing cute faces is in the eyes and mouth. Keep it simple. When you draw the eyes you make small dots, then you put a mouth (smile) right in between the eyes.

I actually drew all my designs on one paper, painted them, took a picture of it (worked better than scanning it in) and then rearranged it in Photoshop so I could have multiple copies of the same designs. Then I printed it out and added the smelly and scratch off parts. If you don’t want to make your own designs you can use the template below. It’s print ready.

PRINT READY FILE (Print this out, cut and add your own effects!)

#3 – Effects!

Scratch Off!

Once you have printed out the cards or drawn your own and painted them. Cut them out into small squares approximately 4 inches wide. You are ready to make some effects!
For a scratch off card use dish soap and acrylic paint.

First, cut a shape out of tape and cover the secret message. In this card with the conversation hearts, the 3 little hearts are the secret message. We will paint it with a larger heart.

Using a small bit of paint mixed with a drop of dish soap paint over the tape carefully in the same shape as the shape you cut (heart-shape). Careful not to go off the edge. -This image shows the painted card at the top and then the revealed message (hearts) after someone scratches it off.

#4 – More Effects!


For the scratch-n-sniff card, I used a bit of clear embossing paste mixed with essential oil. I found that vanilla essential oil (not extract) worked for weeks afterwards. Peppermint worked for a few days. The thicker the oil the longer it took to dry. It should take about an hour, (follow the paste’s instructions). I just painted (a light coat) over an object like the cloud or the latte cup. Easy as that! If you do a thick embossing coat it starts to look thick and gross. A thin coat looks shiny and almost glittery.
It was fun to do a combo too. Make a scratch off and a scratch-n-sniff all on one card.

Our Treat Pairing Ideas for these cards:

“I chews you. You’re so sweet.” = Pair with a chewy granola bar or box of conversation hearts.
“I love you a latte.” = Pair with a $5 coffee gift card.
“Valentine, you blow me away.” = Pair with a Blow Pop lollipop or a balloon.
“You’re just my type Valentine (the dinosaur card)” = Pair with Anything, get creative.

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