Summer Walnut Foot Pumice Soap

walnut foot pumice soapEver try to create some interesting soap? It’s easy, especially the Melt and Pour type. Unlike Cold Pressed Soap, Melt and Pour takes out all the calculating, the possible dangers of Lye and the curing time of making soap from scratch. It’s a good first step when getting into soap making.

To get ready for summer we will make a Lemon Summer Walnut Foot Pumice Soap. That’s a mouthful. These also make great last minute gifts and are made in seconds.

Supplies Needed:

  • Melt and pour soap base (from the soap section at a craft store)
  • Fine Powder Walnut Shell (I picked it up on Etsy). I think fine white beach sand from Walmart could also work.
  • Paper Cupcake holders
  • Cupcake pan (to hold the shapes in place)
  • (2) Microwaveable plastic containers or bowls
  • Essential Oils (peppermint, citrus or lavender work well)


walnut foot pumice soap

(Excuse some of my pics, my kids were helping;)

1. First off, be prepared. Melt and Pour soap only needs to go into the microwave for 20 second bursts at a time. It melts fast and sets up (hardens) fast too. Get all the cupcake liners into the pan and ready to go. I even unscrew all my essential oil lids and have my walnut powder ready to pour and mix.

We will do two parts. The first bowl of soap will be the bottom layer and have the walnut mixed in. The second bowl of soap will only have essential oils in it and it will be the white top layer.

2. Chop up some soap. Melts better in smaller pieces. Either put equal parts (chopped) in each bowl, or do more in the first bowl so the walnut layer is thicker. For 2 little bars it took 1/2 cup chopped for the white layer and a little over a 1/2 for the walnut layer. Then 3 TBS of walnut powder.
walnut foot pumice soap

Melt the first bowl. 20 second bursts. You will probably only need 20-30 seconds. Don’t scorch the soap.
3. Mix the walnut powder into the first bowl that you just melted. The more the better and the grittier. Think of it like sand paper. Put in a lot.

4. Pour equally into the cupcake holders. I usually make the first layer 1/2 inch thick. Thicker walnut layer than white soap layer.
walnut foot pumice soap

5. Quickly put the second container into the microwave for 20 seconds. Take it out and drop in some essential oil. Smells tend to disappear with soap so you need twice as much (10 drops or more).

6. Mix well and carefully pour this layer equally onto the the other layers. There should be a slight film on the first walnut layer. They will still bind together. If you pour too quickly you will break the film and the layers will mix instead of making the attractive colored layer look.
walnut foot pumice soap

That’s it.  All that’s left is to peel them out. Wait 20 minutes til they are hard enough. If they are still a tiny bit warm that’s fine. Peel them out of the paper and lay them top layer down to harden overnight. If you leave them in the cupcake paper overnight, they will be really hard to get out. Leaving an ugly cupcake paper film.

walnut foot pumice soap

If you feel like they don’t have enough pumice you can always melt them back down and start again.

Have fun and experiment with different exfoliates.

Notes from Experience:

– Poppy seeds look cool sparsely mixed into the entire bar, (think, Lemon poppy bar), but actually hurt a bit when using.
– Pouring the dry walnut powder into the cupcake holder first then the melted soap on top doesn’t work. It won’t bind to the soap, the grains are too tiny and have to be mixed into the bottom layer as stated in the instructions above.
– Unlike powders, putting dry oatmeal into the cupcake papers first, then melted soap slowly on top works well. It binds and makes a cool oatmeal bottom layer. It’s a soft exfoliate.
– If you have mica color powders, add them for colorful layer effects.

Printable Label

Print it out here! For the label, I printed it on card stock, punched a hole and cut around it with zigzag craft scissors. By leaving a small white area around the circle it made a fancy lacy edge. Then I tied it all up with raffia. I also wrote a note on the back with the fragrance type.

walnut foot pumice soap walnut foot pumice soap

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