Day 30 : DIY Kids Face Painting!

painted-face-kittyHere we are! Day 30! I did it! Personal goal achieved. Now that my house is filled with art, knickknacks and 30 days of creations, I’ve learned a lot about the DIY world out there. It’s vast and grows everyday.
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Day 29 : Nature Prints on Wood

natural-wood-artDay 29 on this fine fall day. No longer 30 Days of DIY summer. Oh well. It was 90 degrees though today. Amazingly, it never really topped 95 for a consecutive week all summer. So, it’s hotter now than most of the summer. That’s Colorado. For today, since it’s nice out I figured I would brighten up the dull house. We have a huge blank wall screaming for attention.
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Day 19 : Laundry Art

laundry-artI’m not sure how I happened upon this DIY. I think it was on Pinterest. Anyway, I made my own version. This includes a printable that you can print an 8×10 and frame. Continue reading »

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Day 8 : Sharpie Mugs

sharpie-mug-shotI am starting this one early since I haven’t kept my pledge very well on this blog commitment. So, to recap it’s taken me two weeks to get to day 8 (hehe) on my 30 days of finding the best DIY’s, trying them out and blogging about it.

This one is all over the web. Sharpie Mugs. It doesn’t really need step by step instructions, but it’s harder to draw straight lines and think of something clever to write than you think.





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Day 4: Kids Watercolor Art

paintingHey Everyone! I thought it would be fun to turn my kid’s watercolors into wall art. Then I found this awesome tutorial to top it off. Not just regular watercolor but… BUBBLE WATERCOLORS! I’m so excited to try this one out!


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