Summer Walnut Foot Pumice Soap

Ever try to create some interesting soap? It’s easy, especially the Melt and Pour type. Unlike Cold Pressed Soap, Melt and Pour takes out all the calculating, the possible dangers of Lye and the curing time of making soap from scratch. It’s a good first step when getting into soap making.

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Day 25 : Bath or Toilet Bombs

Remember how vinegar reacts to baking soda? Well, here is a similar one. Baking soda and citric acid (similar to vinegar but in a dry form). So that when it gets wet, poof it fizzes up. I can’t scientifically say whether it is actual deodorizing to a toilet (as toilet bombs), since the baking soda […]

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Day 16 : DIY Cleaner

Day 16 on the 30 days of DIY Reviews. I live on a dirty farm as I’ve specified before and the seats in my car are atrocious. People trail dirt and tractor grease every time they get in. I’ve tried to take straight up laundry detergent and a bucket of water and scrub the crap […]

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Day 12 : Tin Can Candle Holder

Well, day 12 here. Almost half way through. It’s been fun but my slow connection is not. Scouring through my friends DIY posts on pinterest lead me to realize how many cool things there are out there. Virtually anything can be transformed into something trendy or vintage inspired. Today’s is a candle holder I saw […]

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Day 9 : Luxurious Body Scrub

This is kind of my trade secret, but it’s so simple it would be hard to call a secret. Once you make it you’ll want to use it everyday. Luckily it’s cheap and you probably already have the ingredients.

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