Printable Watercolor Scratch off Valentines DIY

Valentine’s Day came up and this year the kids were old enough to be excited about it. They helped come up with these homemade ideas and drew a few too. If you’re in a hurry and just looking to print, the printable designs are below. If you are in the mood to DIY and make […]

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Summer Walnut Foot Pumice Soap

Ever try to create some interesting soap? It’s easy, especially the Melt and Pour type. Unlike Cold Pressed Soap, Melt and Pour takes out all the calculating, the possible dangers of Lye and the curing time of making soap from scratch. It’s a good first step when getting into soap making.

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Day 30 : DIY Kids Face Painting!

Here we are! Day 30! I did it! Personal goal achieved. Now that my house is filled with art, knickknacks and 30 days of creations, I’ve learned a lot about the DIY world out there. It’s vast and grows everyday.

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Day 25 : Bath or Toilet Bombs

Remember how vinegar reacts to baking soda? Well, here is a similar one. Baking soda and citric acid (similar to vinegar but in a dry form). So that when it gets wet, poof it fizzes up. I can’t scientifically say whether it is actual deodorizing to a toilet (as toilet bombs), since the baking soda […]

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Day 23 : Clothespin Magnets

Woohoo! Day 23 of finding the best DIY out there and trying it out for myself. Technically, I should have been done on the first but alas still 7 days to go. This one is really cute because of it’s double function (clothespin and magnet)!    

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Day 22 : Clothespin Jewelry

When I looked up clothespin DIY I was surprised to find TONS of cool fun things to do with the actual clothespins and the pieces. Here is what you can do with the spring.

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Day 17 : Cute Cushions – No Sew

Today’s post takes a bit of money and a trip to a fabric store or your local Walmart.  I found tons of cute modern patterns at mine! The hard part was not getting too pattern crazy. Take your old drabby accent pillows and transform them for a fresh new look!  

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Day 16 : DIY Cleaner

Day 16 on the 30 days of DIY Reviews. I live on a dirty farm as I’ve specified before and the seats in my car are atrocious. People trail dirt and tractor grease every time they get in. I’ve tried to take straight up laundry detergent and a bucket of water and scrub the crap […]

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Day 9 : Luxurious Body Scrub

This is kind of my trade secret, but it’s so simple it would be hard to call a secret. Once you make it you’ll want to use it everyday. Luckily it’s cheap and you probably already have the ingredients.

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Day 7: Smoothies with Vegetables

During summer is the prime time to get tons of fruit. If you’re like me, you get some of everything and before you know it you have too much fruit and not enough time to eat it. Then you’re left with black bananas and over ripe peaches. Here’s what you can do with them.

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Day 6 : Playdoh

Slap boredom in the face with this DIY! Kids are always looking for something to do and this one is satisfying.  

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Day 5: Wire Bow Ring

I‘m back. I took an unexpected break for summer fun. It turns out it’s harder to post everyday than I anticipated. My slow country internet connection almost makes it painful. So, for the fifth day, I will share something so cute. Wire bow rings. These are so easy yet they make an impressive gift. I […]

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Day 2 : Cement Block Benches

The beauty of cement blocks. I never thought I’d say that. The architecture and a little color make for a cool Asian inspired bench. Up until I tried to make this cool easy bench I never paid attention to all the blocks around our yard. This project is something you can collect over time too. […]

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