Vintage Sunset Effect

vintage-sunsets      I never miss a sunset on the plains. They are extraordinary compared to other parts of Colorado. Perhaps it’s from the lack of moutains, you see more sky.  Here is a collection free to use at your disposal of cool sunset effects. I have removed the ground so feel free to insert them where ever. Good as a stand alone photo and also as a layer effect to create a soft vintage matte graphic.

     I’m not sure what inspired me to call this post Vintage Sunset. The colors in these remind me of walking through the Venetian Casino in Vegas. I should have called it Venetian Sunsets. But anyway, these are true sunsets that happen quite frequently out my front door. All of which just occurred last week (July). The very day that I watched the premiere of I am Cait I thought of doing a graphic similar to her opening title sequence and I happened to look outside and bam! there it was. Straight from nature, the inspiration I was looking for. I’ve seen other similar soft versions of it recently on other shows like Boardwalk Empire. Not exactly the same but color-wise it is.


Ideas for a Pink and Blue soft layered vintage effect with the cloud layer applied:


Steps to achieve a layered effect with the cloud files:

Download the set Vintage Sunsets

I started with a photo in camera RAW and made it look satisfactory then applied my Matte preset to it.
For the matte preset visit here.
Open the edited photo in photo Shop.

1. Make a new layer on your edited photo and apply a white to transparency gradient from top to bottom. White at the top. Make this layer 50% opacity in the layers panel and a mode of Linear Dodge.

2. Bring a cloud copy on to the canvas above the gradient. Arrange it at the top and transform (ctrl + t) to fit the photo.

3. Hold down alt and hover in between the cloud layer and the gradient layer. Right where they meet you will see the clipping mask (circles intersecting) icon. This will make the cloud layer fall inside the gradient layer. Only visible where the gradient layer is white.

4. Add some text in Bebas font. Put an overlay mode on it. If the text is white it’s more subtle. If it’s black to begin with it will have a different outcome.  Drag the text layer right above the background.

5. Mess with the opacity of the gradient layer. If it doesn’t look right try to add a different cloud jpeg. Just insert it right above the other and clip it. Hold down ‘alt’ and over between the layers so it clips directly above the previous cloud layer. Just turn the eyeball off of the cloud you don’t need.
(As you can see the layers below, I have a couple cloud layers I was testing).


These make fun backgrounds.





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