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My first Skillshare Class!

This class is sure to give you plenty of practice with some watercolor Procreate brushes that I’ve created. Delve into blossoming florals and easy logos that you can put into use right away. All you need is an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and some imagination.

Class description:
Watercolor hoop wreaths are the latest trend in wreaths and in boutique logos. Skip painting it on paper, scanning it in, editing, and go straight to a digital format. With some practice, your new skills will help you achieve that beautiful loose watercolor look.

Using brushes that I have tailored to appear like watercolor, we will practice making wreaths. Once you practice making wreaths, you can use them for anything, including greeting cards, wedding invite embellishments, designs, logos, and more!

Showcase Your Work on Mock-ups

I’m proud to announce my second class! It took a while in the making, (it’s hard to film with kids on summer break), but I did it!

This is a very technical class but I hope you find value in it. I share the technique that I use to make mock-ups from scratch and constantly improve my mock-ups. 

As always, never stop learning. In the process of filming, I constantly found better ways to mock-up, so that was awesome but also a roadblock. Having to re-film over and over because of my own evolution was tricky to keep a constant quality rate, and not to mention super time-consuming. 

I am very pleased to share my process and at the very least, this will help you improve on mock-ups that you may have previously purchased (non-3D rendered types). I know I have delved back into a few and re-vamped them even though they were not my originals.

It’s an accomplishment to see your work on real life products, so have fun!

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