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Ayara x Sabrina

My artwork is part of the initial launch at Ayara Home! Yay! Ayara Home is a Utah-based gorgeous wallpaper and home decor site. It was so fun collaborating and seeing the process first-hand for wallpaper furnishings. This included recoloring artwork to fall into the calming Ayara color scheme and digging into all of my favorite patterns. The launch was exciting and I’m about to receive my first samples soon. Go check Ayara Home and see the beautiful collection.

For Spring…
Little Gems

This Spring, I have been busy with online learning. I took Immersion again (2022) and I also enrolled in Elizabeth Silver’s Start Your Surface Design Business. Having just finished both, with some very minor but grand ideas left to complete, I am feeling good but tired. lol. So much to take in at once, but I do love learning. The collection that came from Immersion 2022 is called Little Gems. Please visit this page to see the process and meanings behind the collection.

First Collection 2022:
I hammered away the first few days of 2022. I had an exciting idea brewing for the last couple of months for an earthy collection. It started as an idea for an entire collection of pretty much blender and coordinate prints. Sounds crazy yes? but also no. Some of the coordinates shifted and could be considered hero prints. The main idea was that it would be a collection of earthy minimal hand-painted (and slightly messy) designs/symbols. Things that I’ve always wanted to see in a collection. Designs I could see on home-sewn prairie dresses for little girls or earth-toned bags, swimwear, etc. Making mock-ups is always the fun part for me. You can see where your designs really fit in the scheme of things. Check out the illustrations below making use of the new designs in different ways.
Introducing Terra Nova in Sierra and Boho colorways.

Holiday 2021 Patterns! Since discovering plaid, tartan, check, buffalo check…you name it… I have gone wild. Plaid and wreaths were pretty much what I was all about this season. I also picked up a sewing machine and made some cute table cloths and bags with all kinds of plaid.

Want to try some? They are available in my Spoonflower fabric shop. Use the links above to shop Fabric. Shop the Christmas Collection.